Saturday, January 30, 2010


Just to let everyone know that My Mom passed away on Dec 12, 2009
Her and Dad had been married 58 yrs...She never was happy after he had passed..
She missed living in her own house and she missed her husband.
I fortunately was able to keep her in Independent Living for about 9 Months after Dad had
passed then in Aug I had to move her into Assisted Living and she went down hill from there.

She came over on Thanksgiving and had quit eating entirely...the week before she passed I took her to the Dentist in the Morning and to the Dr in the afternoon, I bought her over here for lunch but again she did not eat anything..A couple bites at the most..

She also started trying to give me her stuff before she passed..

After our Drs appt the Drs found she had a UTI infection...but she became very NEEDY after that..I would break my heart..When I got ready to leave she would cry and say "Please don't
leave me!!" So I tried sneaking out but she knew I had done that so the next time I bargained with her and said "If you let me go I promise I will be back" She said "You promise?" and I said
"yes" I then said "I will even send a nurse to check on you." She said "You will do that for me?"
I said "yes" and that seemed to pacify her..Then the next time I was fortunate to stay until bed time (8 PM) I tucked her into bed, helping her change into a diaper and take her shoes off..
I teased her about her smelly feet..The aide looked at me and said "Only a daughter could get by with that" Then the next time I saw her was in the ER and she had a stroke and was dying..I held her hand and stroked her hair...She only lived an hour afterwards...

Yes I have grieved and I have bouts of sadness however I found a note Thanking me for taking care of her and for bringing the dogs to see her..She said I calmed her fears and dried her tears..Even through the hard work I did enjoy the time I spent with her..I know she is happy now because her and Dad are together

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