Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Dad

OK I have told about my Mom but what about my Dad???
Dad was a very quiet person...He was the one who didn't want to be in charge but
just wanted to take up the slack...We was the Secretary for his SS department for years
and even though he had Parkinsons and was all bent over he still was there to do his job.
He was a Deacon, the one who took up the Offering, the one to attended evening worship, who
led nursing home services...

He was a hard worker and compassionate...Never wanting strife or division...If we were upset at something as a child he was the one who would take us out for Ice cream just to make us feel better...

Dad could fix anything...He worked on cars, clocks, jewelry, plumbing, and alot more

Once we had plumbing problems on Easter and Mom and Dad gave up Easter services to come over and Dad and Mike worked on the plumbing while Mom and I went out got a Ham and fixed a ham dinner for everyone...

Dad loved Breakfast and when he got older Our thing was to go out for breakfast...I would tell him I was coming over at 0600am and the man would be ready at 0400am waiting on me..
He LOVED breakfast and he LOVED going out with his daughter...

Once on my BD he asked me what I wanted for my BD so we stopped at an auto supply store and he got me a long magnet (they are great for picking up lost needles) they cost about $3 in a craft store but he spent less than a dollar (another one of his qualities was to save money)

You would often find him at the flea market getting bargains...Once we found an old medicine cabinet...Plans were to put it in the wall of my bedroom....Mom through a fit so we both found out our dollar bargain was not too much of a bargain!!

In my younger days Dad would take me to the park, we would play softball and eat tamales from the tamale man...

After dad got in the nursing home I hurt for him, to have the dad I used to have...I would often go up there and buy him a pop and we would sit together drinking had dementia so he thought he was still a volunteer for the Red Cross or a School Bus driving...He would tell me
"It's about time to go get the kids" I would just say "OK" He would say "You can come along if you want" again I would say OK and we would sit there a few minutes...He would then ask what time was it...I would tell him it was about 0400pm and he would say "Well maybe it is a little early!!"

Even in the nursing home at times Hospice would come in to minister to him...when they got through they would bow in prayers and they didn't have to pray a single prayer because Dad would take off and start praying...

I loved my Dad and loved spending time with him after all not every daughter can say they have had a Dad who would spend time with them...

After his death I came up with a list of things I never saw my dad do...

1-I never saw my Dad drunk
2-I never saw my Dad smoke
3-I never saw my Dad swear

And what I have seen my Dad do
1-I have seen my Dad pray
2-I have seen my Dad go to church
3-I have seen my Dad read the Bible
4-I have seen my Dad cry over Gods word

Not everyone can make a list as GREAT as this one

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