Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This is a piece I stitched for a contest at the local Stitch shop...they sold the pattern and then you created the colors, embelishments etc...Surprisingly I won First place with it...I surprised everyone..I have a lot of fun doing it also and am working on the next contest..Oh yes and I won a $20 gift certificate...


MaryT said...

Hello Nita really nice I love the clors you choose and the saying really says it all.

Joyful said...


Lovely design! I'm certain that it was a fun challenge.

I was reading about your husband not having friends. My Bob as well, although he has been trying by going to the men's Bible study at our church. I think it may take longer for men to develop friendships.

I would be honored if you visited my website at as nearly all the designs feature Bible verses. There is a free design called "His Name is Jesus" that has blessed many.