Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Hospital Visit

I have just learned lately through a family friend of mine that her Dad (who has Alzheimers) went to visit my Dad when he was in the hospital just before he went into the nursing home..

They began to hold hands
"you know we are not getting any younger..we are up there in age"
"yes I know"
"Do you know what they are going to do to me??" My Dad said
The other gentleman became worried...Was he going to have to have a surgery he may never
survive? Was he terminal? What exactly was going on with his friend??

My Dad began to cry..as tears welled up from inside "they are going to place me in a nursing home..you know that is no place to live.."
"Well" his friend replied quite relieved that he was not going to die right away.."There are worse
things than that. At least you will still have your life."
"Yes..I suppose you are right"

When I heard all this my heart began to ache once more for my Dad, for the nursing home was the last place I wanted him to be..I have found some things in life you just don't understand...
I never understood why God never blessed us with Children, or why my Dad had to reside in the nursing home and die alone, Nor why I became a care-giver and had so much stress in my life and my marriage..That is why it is called TRUST because some things you will never know WHY!!

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