Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life on Earth

Why is life so hard here on earth?? If you don't have children you are unhappy...If you are Pregnant you feel miserable...if you have a screaming baby you are stressed...if they grow into toddlers and constantly ask WHY?? they seem to get on your nerves...If they get into grade school there are baseball games, scouts, football, soccer, after school activities...then they get into Jr high and High school and there is even programs, drama clubs, High school troubles...friends that come and go and then it is wellllll you guessed it College...and the Money really begins...In the meantime you cry....Then before you know it they are out of the house and have moved and no longer come over....You sit alone and you are are just as sad as the poor lady that at the beginning that never had any children....If there true happiness in this life???
My Mom would often say....You were were completely happy here on earth the you would not want to go to Heaven and you would not have anything to look forward to later on...

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