Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Job

My job is very family oriented
When My Dad passed they did the escourt
when my Mom passedthey did the escourt and helped with Paul Barriers

When I want to cry there is always someone to talk to
I had a talk with my supervisor today
She said that I not only have suffered losses in my life but I have had
to completely change my lifestyle...caring for my Dad, then for my Mom (which lasted about
8-10 yrs)

then my neighbors moving and having to change Holiday plans...
heck no wonder I am depressed...
She assured me I was a Normal human being and told me
If I ever want just a day off for "ME" just to take it...
Now tell me how many jobs will tell you that??

I was talking to another co-worker earlier and I told her that when I had Mom and Dad caring for them both I cried, then I had only Mom and I cried, now I have neither one and I am still crying...LOL

You have to make your own happiness out of life and I will get through this year, and next year and many years to come...
I will face other days where I am depressed but I also have a world full of support...

One of my Daily Gratitudes is for my job and my co-workers

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Scattered Threads said...

Hello Nita,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is not easy sometimes to share such deep feelings on a blog about yourself; and I am certain that someone will be blessed by it (to include myself). I do understand loss and so I encourage you to read The Serenity Prayer. It is on my blog at the top or surely you can find it on the web somewhere. It has brought me through some rough times too.
Be encouraged.
hugs, Jackie