Monday, March 22, 2010

Holidays from now on

Our neighbors whom we spent all the Holidays with are moving
That threw me into a slight depression a few weeks back however my "Girlfriends" helped get me through the little hurdle and assured me I was a Normal daughter missing her "mommy" LOL
So we are trying our best to adjust to life with only the two of us...I don't know too many couples like us who have no children nor relatives as ours won't contact us at all and I have tried to contact them but failed...I just recently bought a Pine Mtn SistersPillow to stitch and send to my sister for just a present!!So I have decided during this first year to NOT celebrate Holidays...For Easter we are going camping...No Ham dinner (Mom always liked Ham) I will take my favorite chocolate Easter eggs (cannot live without my chocolate) and my stitching and have a good week-end..I definately do not want to go to church in the crowd and see other families..
On Mothers Day (My worse since we have no children) another camping trip...I always honored my Mom by taking her to church however she made sure everyone knew she was the Mother and I was the child and we had no children...(Gotta love those Sr Citizens)Plans are to crochet a potholder as my Mom taught me to crochet then give it to someone to whom looks like the need a hug along the road...My neighbor I stitched a Heinzeit and Placed it on a Pillow...I posted it to my blog..I gave it to her a few days agoFor My Moms BD (also In April) I stitched a lizzie Kate (at least I think It was Lizzie Kate or something similiar) BD cakepattern and placed it in an ornament Holder and put my Moms BD on it and plans are to send it to Moms BD twin (not her actual twin but a lady who has the same BD and Year) they sent cards to each other every year!!I am taking it one day at a time one Holiday at a time and in the meantime downsizing my self...I have wayyyy too much baking and cookware for just two people and plans are when we get 10-15 yrs down the road to move into Independent living ourselves (Hello No cooking nor cleaning!!)Right now we have our stuff and parents stuff etc and wayyy too much stuff...Have had two garage sales but am tired of garage sales so Goodwill will get a big blessing!!

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