Monday, March 22, 2010

St Patricks Day 2010

Well we celebrated but NOT St Patricks Day
We went out to dinner for the last time with our neighbors across the street who are moving to Houston,TX
We are close to them emotionally and spent all our Holidays with from now on itwill only be Hubby and I as we are definately not close to family..
I stitched a Nurse Heinzeit for her and attached it to a Pillow...She just loved it..
Alot of people are suggesting going to Nursing Homes for Holidays but right now I amSICK of nursing homes and we are taking it one day at a time one Holiday at a time..
For Easter I told Hubby I just want to go camping (away from families) as that is also closeto Moms BD and I just want to go away with my chocolate Easter Eggs...with this crazy weather we may be camping in our living room but at least we can say we are camping...Oh yes I also stitched a BD pattern (small like the Lizzie Kates) for my Moms BD twin (not heractual twin but a lady who shared her BD same day same year) so I thought I would send it to herbecause I cannot think of Moms BD with thinking of her also they always exchanged cards..

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