Monday, March 22, 2010

Why do we do Crafts??

Tell us your (theory) on why you do crafts...
For me Mom is responsible for it...
first off when I was little I remember stitching those little projects..and when I started working I would have an ornament kit and work on it during Lunch or breaks..
Once they had some sort of Afghan hook and did not have enough for they drew names and mine was not drawn so I told Mom I wanted to learn how to make an Afghan and she started teaching me how to Crochet...she just loved it that I was learning...and so our adventure began..
I remember when I was little going to TG&Y and buying those little loops for potholders...When I got older Mom became my shopping partner and we made many, many trips to Hobby Lobby in fact I would tease Mom and tell her that when she passed on she would be buried at Hobby Lobby so I would be sure and visit her every day..
We shopped so much we even enjoyed grocery shopping together (Every other week for 30 yrs) some of the things Mom taught me is...You always need more than one project going at the same time,You always need a bag for each project,every woman has her nest...and her nest is by her chair...No one touches nest except her... and most of all Nothing comes between a woman and her crafts!!

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