Sunday, April 25, 2010

Discouraging and Encouraging words

Many times we hear discouraging words...words spoken without thought put into them first...
Just the other night someone said something and it really hurt me down deep inside...the words
penetrated my heart to where I wanted to cry...It hurt my life and I did not like what I heard..
they were totally discouraging words...The person that uttered them spoke them out of haste without thinking of what she was saying first...

I am sure many times I have spoken words also without haste that has hurt someone also...
But why is it we can often remember the discouraging words but rarely do we recall the Encouraging words??

Do you remember the Usher at church that greeted you this morning?
Do you remember the little lady in the luncheon line that smiled so sweetly at you??
Do you remember the young lad at the grocery store that let you in first??

Lets try to remember the encouraging words and not the discouraging words...Let also try to encourage others to whom cross our path whether is be a co-worker to whom we have problems with or just someone in passing to whom we hold open a door or let them in line before us..

Smile and encourage someone today!!! You never know but it might just bring a smile to both yours and their lives alike!! : > )

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