Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Funny how your life can change overnight
One minute you are wondering what you are here for and the next you have purpose..

My elderly aunt who is 86 and very Independent and never wanted me to help her called me
she wanted me to place her in a nursing home because she did not feel well I told her I would get help to take her to the Hospital and then if they thought she needed a nursing home we could go from there..
So I checked her in and she has COPD, Emphasema (never smoked all from second hand smoke) and now Pnemonia
Overnight I became another caregiver...It is sad to see them like that but helped me also to find someone else to care I was going through the (after caregiving syndrom)
The therapist came in and tried getting her to stand and she could not stand...she sat on the bed and looked at me and said "have you ever seen anything like this??" I replied "yes twice before."

She is doing better but I am taking it all one day at a time and in the meantime being there for her...Life is just full of turns...You never know who will need you next..

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