Friday, July 23, 2010

My Life

Right now I am trying to fill my life with fun and activities...
I am working Overtime as hubby has worked some also...and we are making
trips to the lake and I am planning activities with my High school friends and with my
craft least that way I do not think of our childless state nor about not having the
I think it has been decided I am going through a midlife crisis to where you just wake up
one day and everyone except your husband is gone!!! Well I have made it thought puberty, I have made it through my teen years, school, marriage and raising the parents through their elder years so yes I will make it through this also...
I have found if it feels bad I do not have to do our sunday school class...I LOVE the people it is not their fault...but when I go I feel bad because they talk about their kids and their families
and I start feeling we go occasionally when we want...Is that bad?? Do you have to be in church every single Sunday to be a Christian? What about when you feel like you don't belong??
I have downloaded a Bible to my phone so I can get is so hard to get into Gods word as much as I try...but I believe church attendance is between only me and God He alone knows my heart and my hurts...He will be there I have to believe that!!!
Life can be fun and it can be exciting and that is my goal to make it that way!!

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