Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why does no one care??

Why does no one care??
Why does my family not care how this effects me mentally??
Why do they think I am the one to do everything??
I can't I cried all night long...I feel like I am falling apart...

My aunt called me yesterday wanting this and wanting that...Hello why does she not
call her grandchildren??

A wise woman yesterday quoted the Serenty Prayer to me yesterday so she told me to disect it and list what I have to do and what I do not have to do...
As her POA I am required to sign documents, handle her bank accounts and get her on DHS (this is what I need GODS help in as it so reminds me of the hell I went through with my parents and I hate no one cares what I went through)
However this is what I will NOT do...I will tell my aunt if she needs anything to call her grandchildren, I will tell the nursing home they will have to handle all MEDICAL stuff, I will let her family bury her, I will NOT visit her every week I will let her grandchildren visit her and If they don't I will NOT feel guilty...

God help me I feel so sad and so upset and I feel like I am having a breakdown and no one cares..

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Anonymous said...

Dont be so hard on yourself! As you can see too many other people are happy to do that for you. To de-stress I stitch and craft like my life depends on it and sometimes I think it does. Often I will do charity stitching like the stitching for literacy program bookmarks. I was very stressed this year so I managed to do 50 stitched bookmarks. It made me feel good to help someone else because I just could not seem to get through the pea soup of my life. It helped me keep myself together. Plus I was accomplishing something. Take care