Monday, May 16, 2011

33 years of Marriage

After 33 years of marriage I look back. When we were newly weds we had high
Hopes & dreams. A big house by the lake with lots of children.
Dreams never cease but they just change.
We have camped together in tents, on motorcycles, in pouring rain, tornados & storms.
But we also faced the storms of life.
While many men are there for the birth of the child, my husband was there for each surgery to have a child...he held my hand when I cried & he understood because he faced the same emotions...
We prayed together & cried together & are still childless...while many became parents & now grandparents we will never have that role or that graduation or wedding that parents share!!!
Then there was the caregiving years, not something we asked for but a very stressful yet enjoyable time. From the year dad moved in with us to the placement in a nursing home to moving Mom from her house of over 50 years..
I would like to say we were strong & endured each trial bravely, when in reality we needed others to hold us up. We learned to laugh through it all & look for the good..
Together we faced the parents death & now I find myself asking the same questions they did "who will take care of me"?
The answer lies in what I told Mom & Dad "God will take care of you"
Life may not always be what you started dreaming it would be, but it will always be where God leads it to be!!

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