Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

Lessons Learned

Seems my entire marriage I only wanted one thing, to be a Mother & have a family...will not go into detail but that was not in Gods plan, so I became a caregiver to Dad, then Mom, then Aunt. So after they all passed I wanted so much for family, I did not want it to be just me and my husband. I wanted more, a big family. We connected with relatives we had not seen for awhile so in a few years we decided to leave our house, our friends, our church and retire and move. Yes God granted me the desires of my heart. Little did I know what that would mean, to give up all including our lifestyle to have family deny us, tell us we are not family try to make us spur of the moment when we are planners. To eat at the same place every week, to suffer depression to miss your life. To leave a new house for a 50 year old house, and have the feeling your going backwards. So  we are returning home but not the same, with a new heart, with a new appreciation and knowledge that even though we are just two we are family and that's what matters.