Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who will care for me???

I listen quietly as the others talk
"oh my son will decide" one lady says
"my daughter will make the decisions"
Another chimes in
I listen see We have no one who will make decisions for us, or help
Us or see about us
That is one of the drawbacks of living childless without Family
Oh my niece has signed to take over when we can't but EXCUSE me
We never talk to her nor see
How does she know what we want &
I don't want someone I never see or hear
From deciding where I am going to spend
My last days...
So we will care for each other & live day to day & trust that we will go before we need more help than we can give ourselves!!!
Maybe I should just say God will care for us as that's all we have!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Computer age

A LONG time ago I would save my Craft
Patterns in files, then they went into Notebooks...Got 20 or so notebooks...
Then the Floppy disks came out so I have 30 or so Floppy Disks...oh and then
CDs so have a pile of CD's and now Thumb I now have several of Thumb Drives...
So when I need a Pattern I go to my books & Files...forget the disk I have no
Floppy device and I have NO time to search through my CDs & Thumb Drives
Because several hours have now passed
So I do an Internet Search and there it is...
So why do I keep it all....
Because they are my Craft Patterns
: > )

Friday, June 3, 2011

Be the Best you can be

Today I received a message from a dear
Friend of mine who reminded me of a very important lesson...
Be the best you can be
Whether you are a mother, daughter, wife
Or need to strive to be the BEST
In the past year or so (since Mom died) I
Have reconnected with old friends, cousins, nieces & nephews
I have made new friends & now have an adopted sister...
So in order to find happiness we need to strive for the best where God places us...
I am soooo blessed!!!