Friday, February 11, 2011

Soccer Moose

This is a Cross Stitch picture I made
For R J for Christmas


Wow been along time since I have updated this thing

Shame on me!!
Guess Life has just got the best of me
Been doing GREAT!!
Had good Holidays with family we never even imagined
Going to church with my cousin...spent Holidays in Lawton with my husbands
cousin, drew names for next year also...but hopefully will see them before then

Guess we just decided we can sit here without family...have a Sister I never talk to (never
even sent me a BD gift) does that surprise me...NO as she did not care for the parents nor does
she care for us either...have a niece to whom I only talk to on FB occasionally and will probably
never see again...her child I only see on pictures have another great nephew about to be born
that I probably will never see but forget all that

Found we still have family...Our brothers and sisters have their family and their kids and
grandkids but if we want to have happiness and family we have to go look for it and have found
it in our cousins

We were going to a huge church to which we had no close friends so we changed to my cousins church to which I have made new friends and even talk to my cousin occasionally and our life
have improved drastically...We are happy and looking forward to new and great things to happen in our life!!!