Friday, June 25, 2010

Vacation Part 2 A little work

Our main purpose for spending a week there was to relax a little and work a little

My wonderful husband build a beautiful set of stairs going down the back of our RV pad to where we could get up and down easily without have to go around in mud and leaves...

Also while there I made a deal with an elderly man and found a 350 gal water container to where we would not have to manouver our 50 gal water container over the hump in the road and water will be there all summer long...He sold it to me for $50 and we set it up then found an odor so loaded it up in the back of the PU and Mike took it to the car wash and rinsed it out and deodorized it really good...then I came up with the idea of putting the 50 gal container in the back of the PU and filling it up and pumping into the bigger one instead of trying to buy a trailer that won't even fit in our camping spot...

So we both got alot of work done...In one of the pictures you can see the water container sitting at the top of the stairs..

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