Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chill Day

Was sick today with a sore throat and headache to I stayed home...
Did not do too much got alot done...You know those little things you never have time to do when you are working

Organized my Make up and Jewelry (How I do need to down size more but have to still be attached to alot of Moms Jewelry and Dads watches)
Even found a pair of Dads eyeglasses that I still hold onto...
If I ever move and have to downsize it will be a nightmare!!

I also got alot of Stitching done...
I held the dogs (sometimes just a little bonding helps in every blended family and yes we are a family)
I also reminsced on Mom and when I had to lie to her when I was sick or she would worry about her 50ish daughter!!!
I fell better but still not up to par yet...however I feel a workday coming on tomorrow : > (

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