Sunday, September 25, 2011


The other night we went out to eat in the great town of Choctaw, OK Little did I know what we were in for...
We drove through trees and countryside until we finally got to the restaurant wayyyy
Out there to find out we needed reservations so we are starved, out in the country with not even a 7-11 much less a restaurant so I did the most logical thing when one in lost....I called the Highway Patrol!!!
Since I work there I have many co-workers all over the state So we called one from Choctaw....
We were again directed up & down hills through countryside until we finally reached civilization & a nice Mexican restaurant...
Then we headed back home
What did I learn?
1- Choctaw is alot bigger than we thought
2- There is Beautiful country out there we need to get out of out area more
3- I love my Fellow OHP Officers always willing to help & recommend food
4- We have reservations for next week
So we get to do it again!!!

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