Saturday, May 22, 2010


My dad passed away Oct 08, 2008 and I never really grieved for my dad until after Mom passed...I guess I was busy helping Mom through her grief over him that I just did not concentrate on myself...
Anyways I have now started to really missing him and with Fathers Day and his BD month both coming up I started missing him...
We were talking at work and several girls say they did not have Dads that were there for them and that is carries over into adulthood when the Dad is not there for you...I on the other hand am quite blessed....
My Dad was always there for me....He was quiet and shy and definately not the leader of the family nor the discipilarian...(Mom did all that) but Dad was a Dad...he spent time with us...he was the one I went camping with, he was the one that played softball with me, that took me to the park that tried to sooth everything over by taking us out for ice cream...
Mom was the one I went to Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart or grocery shopping with,
Dad was the one I went to the swap meet, auto supply store or take out for breakfast with...

I was fortunate to get to know both parents as after my sister got married I had about 3-4 yrs of just me and Mom and Dad...we went on vacation trips together, we went to church together, we had time to talk together, at times I would have dinner ready for them...I got to know them and maybe that is why I cared for them in their elderly years...

I still won't part with the Magnet Dad bought for me at the auto supply store...I think it cost him 99 cents but he bought it for my craft projects so I could pick up needles with it...
After my Dad passed I made a list that went something like this...
Things I have never seen my Dad do:
1- Get drunk
2- Smoke
3- Cuss
4- Go out with other women
5- Go to a bar

Things I have seen my Dad do
1- Attend church
2- Pray
3- Read his Bible
4- Take up the offering
5- Cry when he heard a testimony
6- Spend time with his daughters
7- Hold hands with his wife

Yes I was truely blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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