Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mental Health

OK I feel like I am ready for a Mental breakdown...
How much can ONE person take by themselves??
First I had to care for my Dad who had Parkinsons and Dementia (would do it again in a heartbeat!!) then he passed in Oct 2008
then immediately cared for my Mom who had Alzheimers and Arthritis (again would do it again in a heartbeat!!) She passed in Dec 2009
Well now I have my seems her grandchildren think because I am her POA I am solely
responsible and that I need to do it all....
I am at my wits end...I did not ask for this and do not deserve this....
Does God not care what I am going through???
It makes me question everything!!!
I cannot handle everything and God knows this...when they quote the scripture that God does not give us more than we can handle I wonder is it true???
Her granddaughter uses the excuse that she does not drive!!! Hello Taxi cabs!!! Buses!!! Children and neighbors that have cars!! If you want to help you will...When will I have a fullfillment in life??
When will life change for me???
Why does all this have to happen???
How do you go on when you feel like you are at your breaking point?? I am in tears constantly...and have no peace in my life!!! I stopped by the cemetary yesterday and talked to Mom and Dad...Don't know if you are suppose to talk to the dead however I did!! and I told Mom to help me somehow even if she has to talk to God...

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