Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter camping trip 2010

Easter Bunny or Easter dog??

Pictures are of our camping spot...Easter sunrise on a cloudy day..and looking toward I-40 and our camper...which is now stationary..
We so needed a camping trip...I had been facing depression since my Mom and passed and I missed both her and Dad...having taken care of them both for over 10 years then the neighbors moved...It was like I had no family...So I told my husband we were going camping for Easter..
We were to leave on Thursday however the neighborhood had a "Goodby" cookout and "Welcome" to both the old neighbors and the new ones..We were extremely close to the old ones but I finally faced acceptance after they would not load me in their pod after I got in there about 3 times (LOL) It was good and I told Pam that Life is constantly changing and you have to accept the changes that come with it..

We headed out on Friday and yes I felt the depression as I sat working my Sukudo puzzles..
however once we got there and sat up camp I began to forget my problems and started enjoying the trip..I think Friday was taken up setting up camp and getting everything out...adjusting the Satellite etc
We were both dead tired and went to bed pretty early..
On Saturday we spent most of the day looking for a way to get our water container back and forth to the water that is close to the restrooms..Our lot has electric, and a septic tank but no water..well we found out Checotah is not like OKC you have to drive around until you find it..
we found a little trailer but the ball would not fit our hitch and we could not find a 2" ball so our neighbor lent us his water and when we get back we will get our trailer taken care of..
Saturday afternoon I got a Phone call from a dear lady in our Sunday school class saying they were thinking of us...that really made me feel good..to know others understand and care..
We made several trips to Wal-mart for stuff and I found myself eating candy Easter eggs in the parking lot (something Mom and I used to do together but then some traditions never die out)
Saturday evening I also got a Phone call from one of my stitching friends...everyone else had gone to sleep (including the dogs) but we laughed and giggled for about 15 minutes...Always great to hear from friends who are thinking of us..
On Sunday I got a text message from another frined...wishing us a Happy Easter...so many friends to be Thankful for...
While camping I met a 79 yr old man name of Tom Martin...He was so nice and had just lost his little dog..I sat with him a long time and just spent some time with him..his wife was ill and did not camp with him so he just needed a frined..

Our dogs also made friends with the neighbor dogs (Whitie and Biggie) all four dogs are about the same size and Biggie tried getting into our camper with Peanut and Babe..LOL
We also made friends with a couple fixing up their lot two lots down from us their names are
Brenda and Richard and we got along really well...
We talked a long time...
It was a great week-end and we enjoyed ourselves..I feel like we will have a terrific summer and our next trip will probably be Mothers Day week-end (another tough time for me)...I told John (our next door neighbor) after Biggie tried to get in my lap looks like his dogs will have to send me a Mothers Day card just like my two do...VBG..

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