Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Store

I didn't know if I could do it or not but I thought I would give it a try..
I am always willing to try at least once just to see if I can really do it..
This was going to be hard...extremely hard..

I had to pick a "Mothers day" card for a Secret Pal of mine in a Mothers Day exchange...
and here I was at the Card Isle..

At first I was OK..no problem..then there they were..staring at me so BIG and BOLD
To Mother from Daughter...I did not break down like I thought I would but I felt big tears in my
eyes...No one else was around...GOOD!!
I hate for others who are strangers to see me cry...I saw another woman pick up a card then
put it down and walk away to a different isle...
"Had she lost her Mother also??"
"Did she know what I was feeling down deep inside??"
"Did she not have children also?? Did she know the pain involved in anothers Mothers Day and this one without Mom??"

I quickly looked through the card grabbing those I needed...For a friend, another one for a lady
who encouraged Mom so much, and of course One for my Aunt...(I have her one every year and
she misses Mom as much as I do I am sure!!)
Then it caught my eyes...Yes so big and bright...a Special card...One that Mom would have given
to me...She knew I hated going to church on Mothers Day yet I took her because I cherish my Moments with her...to Honor and show my Love to her...So she would also give me a card...because she wanted me to be included on Mothers Day also..

On the Front it says "For Someone Special Who means a Lot to me" and on the inside it reads
"Its hard to find the words
For loving things I'ld like to say,
And all the special joys
I wish for you on Mothers Day---
But since you understand so well,
I know somehow you'll guess
How much you mean to me
How much I wish you happiness.

It will be my special card to ME from Mom and Me both...After all if I don't Love myself
first no one else wll and it is a card Mom would have wanted me to have..
I am so glad in our support group..Mr Gibson said...
"It is OK to be sad, or mad or depressed..It doesn't mean you are less of a Christian just that
you are Human" and in the next few weeks I will try to remember that I am Human..

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