Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Somethings In Life Just Aren't Fair

Somethings In Life Just Aren't Fair
By Nita Bourland

When Disappointments occur and life just isn't fair,
and it seems to be constant sorrow,
When you have Heartaches and tears,
And an inability to face a tomorrow.

When you think you have it all togeher
and it all ends upside down...
When you laugh outside
but inside is an overwhelming frown...

That is when you Let God guide your Steps
as well as your stops
It is called trusting in Him
He'll never let you drop..

That is when you realize HE is all you need
You look up above
And Trust His guidance
And bask in His amazing LOVE!!!

God has not promised,
Joy all the time
But He has promised Life through it all
And Peace so Divine!!!

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