Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thanksgiving and Christmas

back about 6 month ago I was dreading the Holidays...

What are we going to do without Mom and Dad and my aunt now...
Holidays for the past 10 yrs have been
pick up aunt Goldie..
then get Mom and Dad (dad was in the nursinghme at one pt we hired a service to bring him
here for the Holiday dinner)
then we would have a big celebration complete with Turkey for Thanksgiving and Ham for Christmas..

But within two years they are gone!!

So what are we going to do now??

Our entire life this year is under adjustment...went from camping in campgrounds to a stationary camper
I was worried at first but now we are planning to travel for Thanksgiving...we are going to Lawton to visit relatives we have not seen in a long time
For Christmas we have no one to shop for anymore (all gift cards) so we are adopting a family of 6 who would not have a Christmas and we have already been invited by a friend to have Christmas dinner at her parents house..It will be different..I feel like an orphan that needs a place to celebrate...

At least we won't be alone and we will have people that love us all around us..
Look both forward and with tears the upcoming Holiday season..

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