Friday, October 29, 2010

Why I want to be a Mother

I know I will never be a Mother but thought I would explain why it bothers me so much

You see I know how special Mothers are...
There is a special bond between Mothers and Daughters
I had that...I had that with my Mom I LOVED shopping with her and I LOVED helping
her and I was proud
Just last year I took her shopping and I was so proud

Well there is also a Special bond with Mothers...they are all special and I see the bond they
have...I feel left out of that bond...I don't know why God did not let me have that bond but
It does hurt me to not have that bond

So for all you Mothers out there...YOU are special...and that is why I do not feel special...
perhaps I am in a way but not the way I want to celebrate my womanhood...

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