Thursday, February 4, 2010

Afffair of the Heart

I just have to tell a story that Happened in Oct
We have an annual craft event here called "An Affair of the Heart"
Mom and I used to attend every year..until it got too hard for her to walk as it
includes 6 buildings...
Well this past Oct (2009) I attended with a co-worker and I actually got free tickets
for test driving a car...LOL
So my co-worker took her Mom (whom I attended High School with)

Anyways walking around and see her and her Mom buying for each other and having so
much fun reminded me of my Mom and the fun we used to have..
So after shopping there ALL day I was on my way home and I just had an urge to take Mom out
to dinner...So I called hubby and asked him if that was OK...Sure (hubby was really nice to let me spend time with Mom)
So I called the Assisted Living facility and told them my plans and to have Mom ready..
then I stopped by the house to freshen up...
When I arrived Mom was sitting there all grins...
It just thrilled her so much to spend a dinner out with her daughter...
We ate at a restaurant called Pioneer Pies and we shared a meal as Mom did not eat like she used to..
She giggled at all the little children in the restaurant..
Afterwards we stopped by the house to pick up her grand-dogs..
She always loved seeing her grand-dogs

I then took her back and we spent a little bit of time together before her bed time...

Little did I know then that she would only be here a few Months more..
I recently received an e-mail telling about a son that had a dinner date with his Mom...
I would recommend this to all who have elderly Parents...
Take them out to dinner, Pamper them, love them and tell them how special they are
I am sure glad I did...I feel like it was God telling me to do that and it is important to
follow the leading of what God wants you to do..

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