Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shopping with Mom

Shopping With Mom
By Nita Bourland

It must’ve all started
In the penny candy store
I would look up at you
and kindly hollar "MORE!"

Then as we grew it was T G & Y
and Hobby Lobby of course,
We’d tote in lots of bargains
and tell Dad..."It could’ve been worse!"

We’d shop for Easter dresses
Trying on clothes together
You were my shopping buddy
In all kinds of weather.

Then every other Thursday
Off to the grocery store we’ld go
Taking tons of coupons
Reaching bargains high and low.

But I’ll never forget
Our last shopping trip
It was for Christmas presents
and I Had your shopping list.

As I wheeled your chair around
Many smiles I would see,
And a lovely lady said...
"Makes me wish my Mom were with Me!!"

Even though I’ll now shop alone,
I’ll always have you near
As I hear you’re voice tell me..."better buy it now,"
"It may not be on sale next year!!"

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