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Veterans Day 2008

Veterans Day 2008
Village On the Park
Veterans Day was yesterday and another busy dayI had a Drs apt first thing
(Like 07:00AM but was out early) then I went over to Moms I wanted to take her Christmas shopping so I wouldn't have to take her out in the Christmas rush
Then a Miracle happened...for Mom it is getting harder and harder for her to walk a long ways so I took her to Wal-Mart and they have them wheel chairs you can push...and I asked her if that was OK and she said Yes so I put her in one and pushed her through Wal-Mart
I didn't think she would ever want to use one...It was easier on her and me both..Now I can take her more places...
After telling one of her friends the lady said "Well My daughter doesn't ask she just tells me" So when later on Mom was saying she gets confused with all the activities and when they are having things and it was alot better at the house...I told her "Well I am in charge and you are better here and alot safer" She said OK she was not mad or nothing cause she doesn't get upset like she used to at the house..
Anyways after we got through we ate a little lunch and they had a Veterans Day program so I attended that they had about 30 residents who were honored as Veterans and they had the Honor Guard present the flag..and a wonderful speaker..After that they all had patriotic Sundaes and I helped pass them out..
Then I went home and rested a bit and then hubby took me over to Moms old house where the wheelchair was in storage heck I have a feeling we will be using that alot..and on the way home I honored my husband who is a Vet by eating at Golden Corral..I am having a problem with one of my teeth and have a dental appt Monday so hopefully if I eat soft foods I can wait until then.. It was a very fulfilling day and Mom already bought us a Christmas present a throw rug for our living room and dinning room area as we use towels when the dogs come in and have wet paws..
Wonderful Veterans Day Memories

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