Friday, February 5, 2010

My Dads Funeral Oct 08, 2008

God gave me the peace to deal with everything..
I am so glad I had prearranged the funeral made everything so much easier but there were still decisions to make at the funeral home and the cemetary...
My sister didn't help with any of it so I just took Mom along and she told them that I handled everything so I did..
It turned out beautiful and we had beautiful weather..
I know he is better off and he was just tired..
I told Mom he is now RUNNING and JUMPING (something he has not had the privilage of doing for years)
I never understood what people meant when they said I would never regret what I have done for them until after he passed and it is true I had no regrets...I have already faced the sadness and guilt when I had to place him in the nursing home...
It was sad to see him go but good that it was quick and peaceful..
I am glad I did not have to decide on the feeding tube or that he did not develop Phenomia (something many Parkinsons patients do)
Poor Mom is just lost so I took her back to her Apartment yesterday and EVERYONE just hugged her and were there for her..I think being there now is the best thing..
Before I took her back I took her to buy new pants and get a hair cut (something I didn't even think of before the funeral)
I have noticed Mom also declining little by little so you are right now I must concentrate on her
Mom is at the stage now that dad was a few years ago...always saying or doing something out of character and funny..
She told me "If I knew I was going to a funeral I would have worn different shoes" and when we were waiting for the Limo to pick us up she said she was waiting for the Undertaker to come and get her..
I also called Dads retirement and Social Security yesterday and it was WAY too easy (after dealing with DHS and Medicaid this past year) I was glad...Mom will now get 55% of his retirement and His Social Security instead of hers as she was drawing off of his..
I am trying to get the "Thank You" cards done but seem to be at a loss so thought I would just give it a day or so...
I have to get my living room back in order as I am definately NOT a hostess and had to become one overnight..
I had to move my NEST...(something my Mom has taught me that every woman has her nest next to her chair)
Yes I was close to both Mom and Dad as they are both responsible for ME!!

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