Friday, February 5, 2010

Moving from her house into Independent LIving

The Move From the House of over 50 years into Village on the Park (Independent Living Center)
1-Getting her Off the bed
Went into the house and she was UPSET because she did not have her favorite Knife for breakfast..I told her it was NOT that big a deal and not having a certain knife was not the end of the world but such a trivial matter...She was sitting there cutting up cardboard sorting through papers...She said she needed to go through things...We told her we needed to move the bed and finally talked her into going into the living room and sitting on the couch to sort through her papers
2-The Keys
She said I could not have the shed keys because I might lose them so I had to sneak the keys out of her Purse and had her aide distract her with a coat while I snuck her household keys from the living room...We were all in on the plan and she never had a clue
3-Her stuff
She had half a Bed full of stuff that went when she did and we needed to load it but she did not want it loaded because it was Not to go until she did. We finally convinced her that we would place it in the trunk of the car and the car would NOT leave until she did
4-Grandmas Thimble
She has a little Jewelry Box with her Grandmas Thimble in it...I had to protect that little box and keep it with me at all times until she was finally moved in for good then I took it back to her
5-The car ride
We got halfway there when she asked me if I got her pills from off the table...What pills
The ones she had to take every morning...I told her I did not know they were on the table and she said I should have reminded her I told her I would go back later and get them and she said she would go with me I told her she did not have to go with me to get them and she said I might forget...I finally convinced her I would NOT forget
6-The dinner
They gave us coupons for a free lunch with her...She asked James a friend of ours where he was from and he said Washington DC and she asked him if he knew President Buch
7-The Waitress
When the waitress came to clear the dishes she said she was not finished yet that we would not let her quit talking so she could eat
8-Meeting People
at this point she had no problems began talking to people as soon as she got in there and telling them her life story I knew then that she will be fine there

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