Monday, February 22, 2010

More on Mothers Day 2009

Last year I received a card from a girl who had just lost her Mom and I replied to her..

Because you have lost your Mom I felt you needed an extra special Card for Mothers Day
You were a very special daughter to her
This Mothers Day I have found that I never quit learning from my Mom
I listen to what she says even when I know she is wrong because of the respect I have for her.
I am also learning to Follow her Moms example...she may have Good examples and she may have bad examples but I am leaning from both, the Good and the bad because we learn from Our Mothers mistakes.
The day has come when I DO know more than your Mother but I have learned not to let her know that. As I Help her to walk I have learned to cherish those walks (no matter how slow she becomes), I have learned to Think for My Mom and it is special because I realize that she is placing all her trust in me because she brought you up to be Trustworthy
I am writing this not just for YOU but also for ME as well because I am dealing with an elderly Mom and like it or Not we will all be there.
I am pleased to be you Friend, and your adopted Mom and if you need anything I am here for you.
I have also learned that every woman has a Mothers Heart and has a tender and caring nature.
Love you

Your Friend from Oklahoma

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