Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Dental Appt

Mom and I went to the dentist together for years and years..
She had gone to this dental office back when we were children and her original dentist retired
and the other one took over and I started going there and as Mom became elderly we just always went together.
Often we would stop and get lunh on the way home. It was a Mother/daughter thing
Well once a year or so back we had gone to the dentist.
He found a cavity and usually when that happened he would just work on it right there to save having to bring her back in.
Well afterwards we went out to eat and she was like a two year old.
Why does my mouth feel funny? Will it stay this way? How long does this last? are you sure this is normal? I have a sore also is that Normal? Maybe if I put campho Phenique on it will that help?
I will never forget that appt it was so funny because she did not remember ever having her mouth numb like that before..and I will never forget the 20 questions she asked afterwards.

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