Monday, February 1, 2010

Mothers Day 2009

Mothers Day last year, Mother and I attended a Mother/Daughter luncheon. First I went early to help Mom get dressed we both wore dresses I tried to fix up her hair and I put a little bit of Make-up on her. The first thing they did was take Individual Pictures of the Mothers and daughters...If they did not have a daughter or their daughter was not available they brought daughter-in-law, or grand-daughter etc. Then we went in where they had assigned seating...We had a very elegant Lunchtuna salad with croisants, potato salad, cranberry Muffin, fruit with whipped cream and cheese cake with cherry topping and tea or coffeethen for the program they had one of the workers daughters sing a very lovely and touching song, the activities director also read a poem about mothers and what a Mother is etc. In it she mentioned that it was for all the Mothers who never had children of their own but Mothered all the others children, then she told about her Mother (to whom she lost 2 yrs ago) It was very touching and then she had volunteers from the daughters tell about their mothers...I was able to tell my Mom how much she meant to me...they then sang again and had door prizes by the time it was all over with there was not a dry eye in the room...It was very special and I am so glad I went with my Mom..

I told my Mom how she helped me when I was a child and now it was my turn to help her, to help her dress, to help her walk, to be there for her..Later on Mom commented on how much that meant to her as at her age they often feel like they are a burden...I am now so glad I was able to tell her how much she has meant to me.

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