Sunday, February 21, 2010

Easter 2010

OK I think I am just missing family...I think what are we going to do for Easter...We used to have Mom and Dad over for a big Ham dinner...Easter was along time ago a BIG family event...with the children having Easter egg hunts and going to church together on Sunday and a Ham dinner afterwards...then the kids grew up, family moved and soon it became my husband and I and Mom and Dad...then Dad passed and now Mom and so that only leaves the two of us...the neighbors across the street join us ocassionally but are trying to sell their house and move to Houston,TX then what??
I guess you just have to make memories for yourself..a camping trip and meeting God our under the stars, waking up to an Easter Sunrise or going out to dinner just the two of us or inviting a lonely couple to join us or inviting a single person you just have to make the most of what comes out of life and not try to understand or yearn for something different.
I may miss Mom on Easter but I wll rejoice in Gods presence.

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