Friday, February 12, 2010

Mom getting on Alzheimers meds

Jan 17,2009
I took Mom to the Doctor yesterday and he started her on Aerosept...So I can only take it one day at a time...I think "OH NO!!! Not again!!" As I had my Dad with Parkinsons But then God knows just when it was time to call Dad home as Mom is needing my help now..The doctor also said the Medication will help some of her Anger issues..The Good news is that she is still doing OK in the facility where she is at..So just continuing to pray that she will NOT have to end up in a Nursing Home like Dad. (yes God did answer that Prayer)

I have been with Mom just about every evening because she gets confused on her evening Meds...right now since she is on an Antibiotic she needs to take them twice a day... I have them in 7-Day Pill planners and she still gets confused...I am trying very hard to keep her as Independent as possible (without the aide of a Nursing Home) Seems like it is so frustrating and I get soooo mad but I look at how inocent she is and I cannot be mad at her... I have a Drs appt for her Feb 05, and Feb 13 and again in March Geez and I wonder when I get to use SICK Leave for myself.... My only thing is I know one of these days after Mom is gone and it will just be Me and Hubby there will be NO one to help us...(heck how do you expect nieces and nephnews to help when I never even see or hear them now) Then I will Miss being able to take care of someone..
As a caregiver you get tired but enjoy the work you do also

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