Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Labor Day 2009

Labor Day 2009
one day at a timeI think sometimes I post about the silly things she does and everyone thinks I am stressed out but sometimes I think it is just too funny like when she thinks she attended a prayer meeting at a school in another town...
I just live a busy life right nowI am trying to visit her twice a week and sometimes that is tough..as I also have my life also a family friend visited her yesterday and Mom was suprised that her Mom has passed (we both had attended the funeral about 8 years ago)...
Mom seems to not feel well and says she has stomach pains and when we tell the dr he does not do any tests he just says to make sure that her meds are taken at night...
However I guess it is best because I cannot take off constantly for her drs appts
All my Sick leave time is being spent on her She is going to the Drs Monthly beause of new meds plus the Orthopedic dr
However the good news is that she did get a shower Wednesday...and was in a NEW outfit...She tells me she wet the bed and they did not change her sheets however when I check them there are no stains nor smell...Like I said one day at a timebetween visits with Mom I am also still working, trying to organize my house (one corner at a time), going on a womans retreat with a friend next week-end, and just have tooooo much to do!!!
So is the Life of a caregiver

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