Monday, February 22, 2010

My Elderly Parents

My Elderly Parents
by Nita Bourland
I walked along with my Dad
and Looked into his withered eyes,
As I help him walk I begin to think
Just how fast time flies...

It was just yesterday in the park
We were eating tamales and Playing ball,
Instead of me helping him up
After each and every fall.

And My Mom who now forgets
What I have said and why,
Used to be my daily guide
Soothing my every cry.

We shared Chocolate Easter Eggs
As we shopped each and every store,
Now it seems her walk is unsteady
Across the Kitchen floor.

The computer to them seems useless,
As my heart breaks for them each night
They'll never know the friends I've found
And the encouragement from this site.

I want to help them all I can
Because if the truth be known,
I will someday be like them
Aged, withered and worn...

Nita is a member of the New Caregiver support group
This was written in 2003

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